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Fritz Marti Papers, 1909-2009

Content Description

Marti's papers reflect his varied interests in philosophies of education, philosophies of religion and the culture and history of his native Switzerland. The archive likewise includes an assortment of biographical materials detailing the lives of both Marti and his family. Marti's formative years as a gymnasium (high school-era) and college student are particularly well-documented in the dozens of his research notebooks that remain extant from that time period.

An addition to the collection (Accession 2014:095) consists of 18 "pocket diary" daily planners kept by Fritz Marti from 1945-1986. The diaries generally contain notes on Marti's professional and personal appointments, work deadlines, and information on noteworthy events in which he found himself engaged from day to day. The items range in size from 2" x 3" to 3.5" x 6" and cover the years 1945-1954, 1964, 1972, 1974, 1977-1980, 1982-1983 and 1985-1986. Among other chapters in his life, the diaries document Marti's stints as Professor of Philosophy at Marietta College and Southern Illinois University, as well as the founding and development of the Marti School college preparatory academy.

A second addition (Accession 2014:109) is comprised of a wide range of materials documenting Marti's life and work. The contents include correspondence, including family letters - especially letters written at Christmastime - and other personal exchanges, many of them written in German. Also included are an eclectic assemblage of biographical materials including thirteen of Marti's "pocket diary" daily planners, several copies of Marti's vita, autobiographical notes and manuscripts, and family keepsakes including wedding announcements, newspaper clippings, school transcripts, and a dream journal that Marti kept ca. 1986. Marti's academic work is also represented in this transfer. Manuscripts and compiled research materials reflect Marti's scholarly interests in U.S. religious practice, religious oddities, the work of Friedrich Schelling, art appreciation and aesthetics. A composition book from 1925, eight assorted photographs, and a collection of materials related to Marti's association with Southern Illinois University round out the transfer.

A third addition (Accession 2015:049) is comprised of a wide diversity of materials including books, notebooks, photo negatives, mounted art works, cardboard sculptures, correspondence and newspaper clippings. A highlight of the accession is an assemblage of 181 photo negative reels held in individual annotated boxes denoting the date and locations of the photos held on the reels. The accession also includes several hundred reproduced art works that have been mounted on card stock. These art pieces include portraits and religious themes and primarily include works created by Renaissance and Baroque artists. Also included in the accession are a series of sculptures created out of cardboard and identified as "Platonic bodies." The materials are rounded out by a wide array of loose items that reflect Marti's scholarly interests and pursuits in life. These include notebooks dating to Marti's years as a student, materials related to his reseach and writings on Friedrich Schelling, records of his service in the Swiss military, and correspondence on topics both personal and academic.

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