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Thomas Hager Papers, 1898-2010

Timeline for Tom Hager

1953 Thomas Hager is born on April 18 in Portland, Oregon.
1983 Hager takes a position as founding editor of LC Magazine, a trade publication for scientists.
1987 With his wife Lauren Kessler, Hager co-authors and publishes Aging Well.
1995 Hager publishes Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling, a biography of Nobel Prize winning chemist and peace activist Linus Pauling.
1998 Publishes Linus Pauling and the Chemistry of Life.
2000 Hager and co-editor Clifford Mead publish Linus Pauling: Scientist and Peacemaker.
2001 Hager revitalizes the University of Oregon Press and is appointed Director.
2006 Publishes The Demon Under the Microscope, a popular history of the discovery of sulfa drugs.
2008 Publishes The Alchemy of Air, an account of Carl Bosch and Fritz Haber's work with nitrogen fixation.

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