Letter from Linus Pauling to Fritjoff Hirsch. Page 1. July 13, 1961
Letter from Linus Pauling to Fritjoff Hirsch. July 13, 1961. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Captain Richard H. Lee, Naval Medical Research Institute, National Naval Medical Center, to LP, RE: Reading LP’s article “A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia” reminded Lee of an incident a few years ago, in which an engineer became unconscious very quickly while breathing pure helium.  Luckily he was in an unstable position and the fall to the floor knocked the mask from his hand.  His superior also tried the experiment, and fell unconscious so quickly that the other man had a hard time removing the mask from his tight grip. [Letter from LP to Lee, August 1, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (L: Correspondence, 1961-1963), #232.1]
  • Letter from Chauncey Leake to LP, RE: Leake congratulates LP on the Oslo Statements and thinks that it deserves the widest possible distribution.  Leake suggests that LP contact Mrs. Cyrus Eaton regarding ways and means for the distribution of the Statement.  [Filed under LP Peace: (Correspondence re: circulation and signing of An Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, April-December, 1961), Box #5.013, Folder #13.1]
  • Letter from Dick Fireman, to LP. RE: Thanks him for his note and the interesting material. [Filed under LP Correspondence: F: Correspondence, 1961: Box #129 Folder #129.5] 
  • Letter from George Flick, to LP. RE: Explains two questions that he had previously asked LP at a recent AHA convention. Explains his concern about the contamination of the environment by humans. [Letter from LP July 18, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence (F: Correspondence, 1961): Box #129 Folder #129.5]               
  • Letter from John McClung, American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, to LP RE: Encloses a sample letter for LP’s revision regarding the Al Wirin Party. Asks him to make whatever changes he likes, because they want the letter to be as personal as possible. [Filed under LP Biographical: Assorted Materials re: Civil Liberties), Box #2.046, Folder #46.1] 
  • Letter from Rasit Tolun to LP, RE: Tolun teaches general chemistry at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, where he and his colleagues have been using LP's book, which they like very much. Tolun suggests an error in the book of a figure showing a tremolite chain, and provides the correct figure. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (T: Correspondence, 1956-1963), #411.6]
  • Letter from William Guild, The Science Center, to LP. RE: Congratulates him on his article for Science. Asks him when he first showed in interest in science, and what was his first source of inspiration. Asks if he lived in the city or the country. [Letter from LP July 17, 1961]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Gagarin in London; Welcome Is Ho-Hum.”  The Cleveland Press. [Filed under AHP Correspondence: Eaton, Anne, 1961, Box#1.005, Folder#5.16]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Russ Said Developing ‘Death Ray’,” Pasadena Star News, July 11, 1961. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Articles and Newspaper Clippings re: Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, 1960-1966), Box #2.023, Folder #23.24]
  • Research Notebook of LP RE: Autobiographical entry re: cattle, water at Deer Flat Ranch, p. 12. [Filed under LP Research Notebooks: 23R]