Letter from Linus Pauling to John F. Kennedy. Page 1. June 14, 1961
Letter from Linus Pauling to John F. Kennedy. June 14, 1961. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from B.H. Sage, Caltech, to Thomas H. Einstein, NASA, RE: Discusses the possibility of carrying out some work for NASA and encloses two copies of his tentative budget, covering the five-year program he is interested in. Writes that he would also be happy to prepare a proposal if Einstein would like. [Letter from Einstein to Sage May 23, 1961, Letter from Einstein to Sage July 3, 1961] [Filed under LP Biographical: (California Institute of Technology: Committee on Sponsored Research, 1960-1961), Box #1.026, Folder #26.7] 
  • Letter from Carlos Chagas, Institute of Biophysics, University of Brazil, to LP, RE: Invites LP to visit the University of Brazil in order to increase the interest in the study of molecular pharmacology. [Letter from LP to Professor Carlos Chagas, June 19, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (B: Correspondence, 1958-1961), #39.4] 
  • Letter from Dr. F. G. Brickwedde, Dean, College of Chemistry and Physics, Pennsylvania State University, to LP RE: Invites LP to be the Priestly Lecturer at the Thirty-Seventh Annual Series at the Pennsylvania State University in 1963, to be held in March or April.  He describes the series.  Attachments: List of former Priestly Lectures; flier for the Thirty-Fifth Annual Priestly Lectures, “Selected Studies in Chemical Kinetics,” by Dr. Farrington Daniels. [Letter from LP to Brickwedde June 20, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (P: Correspondence, 1960-1963), #314.2]
  • Letter from Dr. Virginia Apgar, Director of the Division of Congenital Malformations at the National Foundation, to LP, RE: Dr. Apgar asks LP’s permission to use a figure he and Dr. Corey drew, for the book “Life’s Key-DNA,” by Carleen Maley Hutchins.  Also comments that she is interested in his work on anesthesia.  [Letter from LP to Dr. Virginia Apgar, June 19, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (A: Correspondence, 1958-1961), #13.4]
  • Letter from Jim Lotz, Chairman, Ottawa Committee for the Control of Radiational Hazards, to LP and AHP. RE: Thanks them for coming to Ottawa. [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by LP, 1961) Box # 1961s2 Folder #1961s2.9] 
  • Letter from LP to Alois Stoff, Internationale Der Kriegsdienstgegner. RE: Apologizes for not replying sooner. Decided that it is not possible to accept his invitation. [Letter from Stoff May 17, 1961]  [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by LP, 1961) Box # 1961s3 Folder #1961s3.3]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. David Pressman, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, RE: LP apologizes for the delay in answering Pressman’s letter; he has just now caught up with mail from when he was away.  
  • Letter from LP to Irving Michelson RE: LP has read Michelson’s article and thinks that it is excellent.  LP thinks that Michelson may want to make a note that if a calcium compound does not state that it is made from bone then it can be assumed to be made from a mineral source which is essentially free of strontium-90 [Letter from Michelson to LP June 1, 1961] [Filed under LP Peace: Materials re: Strontium-90, 1961-1963: Box #7.014, Folder #14.8]
  • Letter from LP to Professor Rustum Roy, the Pennsylvania State University, cc: Dr. Richard Marsh, RE: Tells Roy that he will be away from Pasadena on June 19th, but that he has asked Drs. Richard Marsh and Sten Samson to talk with Dr. Y. Ukai when he visits the laboratory. [Letter from Roy to LP May 29, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence (R: Correspondence, 1960-1963), #342.2]
  • Letter from Reverend Della Larson to LP, RE: She and her committee are putting together a convention for July 22-23, focusing on a new type of energy that will “free” the economy, and work towards world peace.  She invites LP to speak at the event.  Attachment: letter from Norman E Colton to “Fellow Reverends”.  Discusses the conference and how they plan to make changes in the status quo in order to bring about world peace. [Letter from Colton to Larson, June 14, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (L: Correspondence, 1961-1963), #232.1]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Red Pilots in State Colleges Disclosed,” Pasadena Independent, June 13, 1961. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Civil Liberties – House Un-American Activities Committee, 1960-1961), Box #2.041, Folder #41.13]
  • Telegram from Johnson E. Fairchild, Cooper Union Square, to LP, RE: Would like an answer regarding the invitation to speak at the Cooper Union Forum on Monday. [Telegram from LP to Johnson E. Fairchild, June 14, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (C: Correspondence, 1961-1962), #76.1] 
  • Typescript: “Morning Commentary,” June 13, 1961. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1961-1965), Box #6.008, Folder #8.95]