"High Energy Radiation and its Effects on Man." March 30, 1960

"High Energy Radiation and its Effects on Man." Page 1. March 30, 1960
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Associated: Hermann J. Muller, Thomas Hunt Morgan, George Beadle, James F. Crow, Theodosius G. Dobzhansky, Sterling D. Emerson, James V. Neel, Rustin McIntosh, Katharine K. Merritt, Mary R. Richards, Mary H. Samuels, Marjorie T. Bellows, Tage Kemp, John T. Gentry, Elizabeth Parkhurst, George V. Bulin, Willard F. Libby, Edward B. Lewis, W. M. Court Brown, William Richard Shaboe Doll, C. Lenore Simpson, Louis H. Hempelmann, L. M. Fuller, Miriam P. Finkel, Barclay Kamb, Alice M. Stewart, Josefine Webb, David Hewitt, Karl Z. Morgan, J.R. Totter, Max R. Zelle, H. Hollister, Charles L. Dunham, James J. Wadsworth, Semyon K. Tsarapkin, Michael Wright, National Science Teachers Association, University of Texas, Indiana University, Medical Research Council, National Research Council, United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, California Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Pediatrics, Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy - Special Subcommittee on Radiation, University of Copenhagen, American Journal of Public Health, New York State Department of Health, Science, Radiology, Argonne National Laboratory, Pasadena Star-News, New York Times, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A., British Medical Journal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Dodd, Mead, & Company, Atomic Energy Commission

ID: 1960s.12

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