Letter from Linus Pauling to Raymond O'Hara. Page 1. August 24, 1959
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Activity Listings

  • Check from AHP to Pacific Telephone and Telegraph for $13.07. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Bank Statements and Canceled Checks, December 1957-December 1959), Box #4.025, Folder #25.2] [Also filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Check Registers, 1951-1960), Box #4.075, Folder #75.6]
  • Letter from Barney L. Taylor to LP RE: Discusses his "Vacuum Theory" about the cause of an effect observed in a color pattern. States that the cause of earth's gravity is a vacuum in the interior. Discusses details of the theory and his ideas about light and colors. [Letter from Taylor to LP September 6, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (T: Correspondence, 1959), #411.4]
  • Letter from LP to Ben Hibbs, Saturday Evening Post, RE: Encloses a letter to the editors in response to a recent article in the Post. Requests that it be published in a forthcoming issue. [Letter from Breisky to LP September 17, 1959] [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: 1959a.14]
  • Letter from LP to Bertrand Russell RE: Informs that he and AHP attended the Fifth World Conference Against A and H Bombs. Discusses Arthur Goss and Whelan Young's actions at the conference. Informs that he thinks Arthur Goss should not represent the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. [Letter from Russell to LP September 1, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Russell, Bertrand: Correspondence, 1959), #337.5]
  • Letter from LP to Bertrand Russell, RE: LP was a member of the drafting committee for the Hiroshima Appeal and can testify that there was thorough discussion of the proposed appeal. LP feels that the walking out by Arthur Goss and by Whelan Young has done harm and that also Goss should not represent the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in meetings held abroad. LP is sending Russell a copy of the approved Hiroshima Appeal. [Russell's Reply September 1, 1959] [Filed under LP Peace: (Japan Council Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, 1957-1965, 1991), Box #4.008, Folder #8.3]
  • Letter from LP to Chandler Smith, Institute of Pathology, RE: Agrees that his proposals for decreasing the danger of war will take time. Says that Smith's petition proposal has already been acted upon. [Letter from Smith to LP July 30, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S:Correspondence, 1959), #380.3]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. J. E. Goldman, Physics and Chemistry Departments Scientific Laboratory, Ford Motor Company RE: Apologizes for the delay in answering, and says he is already committed to giving lectures in Oregon on the date of the conference. [Letter from Goldman July 28, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (G: Correspondence, 1959), #141.3]
  • Letter from LP to Edward L. Hurshman RE: Says he has been interested to read his letter about the structure of the universe he developed, says that light come from the sun as light and electrons as electrons as there is no conversion from one to the other in the atmosphere, says he is glad he was pleased with his book and feels hopeful about the future. [Note from Hurshman to LP August 23, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H: Correspondence, 1959), #167.4]
  • Letter from LP to George Arnold RE: Says Arnold may have misunderstood his statement which was also by Albert Schweitzer, says it was that everybody should think for themselves about fundamental questions of ethics and morality, and says that this doesn't mean that he should think only about himself in a selfish way, as Arnold seems to have assumed. [Letters from Arnold to LP August 23, 1959, August 29, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (A: Correspondence, 1959), #13.2]
  • Letter from LP to John T. Gentry, Department of Health. RE: Pleased to see his letter. Glad to know that he is going some work on the incidence of cancer. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (G: Correspondence, 1960) Box #141 Folder 141.4]
  • Letter from LP to Ken-ichi Tomita, Osaka University, RE: Says he is glad Tomita will be working under the guidance of Professor Rich at M.I.T. Hopes Tomita will visit Pasadena [Letter from Tomita to LP August 22, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (T: Correspondence, 1959), #411.4]
  • Letter from LP to Kenji Ushijima RE: Says he thinks all efforts to promote peace are worth while. Explains his opinion that Ushijima's efforts are not very significant. [Letter from Ushijima to LP No Date] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (U: Correspondence, 1959), #421.17]
  • Letter from LP to L. H. Herrick RE: Says he hasn't been able to understand why the New York Times and other papers didn't mention Senate Resolution 96, says the two contradictory letters he received from the assistant managing editor are probably explained by the assumption that he decided to investigate after the first letter and found that the Times had really been guilty of an oversight. [Note from Herrick to Coates June 19, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H: Correspondence, 1959), #167.4]
  • Letter from LP to Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce RE: Writes in support of Dr. Harden M. McConnell's nomination for the Annual United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Award, tells how long he has known McConnell, tells about his teaching and research background, tells about his contributions to chemistry and molecular structure, tells how McConnell is now recognized as one of the world's leading scientists in magnetic resonance, tells about his unusually good personal qualities, and recommends him strongly. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (McConnell, Harden), #245.2]
  • Letter from LP to Norman Cousins, Editor, Saturday Review RE: Writes to ask him for help in connection with No More War, says he has been informed by his publishers that they have not been able to arrange with any printing house to reprint the book in paperback edition, feels that it would be unfortunate if the book were not available in a cheap edition, says he doesn't know enough about book publication to know what might be done, and appeals to Cousins. Asks what he thinks can be done, and says he could try and give a cash advance to subsidize the publication in some way. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Cousins, Norman), #68.6]
  • Letter from LP to Peter Pauling. [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #5.043, Folder #43.3]
    27 August 1959

    Dear Pete,

    Mommie and I are home again now. Everything went along very well. Both Mamma and I finally caught cold, in Japan, but it was not too bad.

    We enjoyed our visit with Dr. Schweitzer immensely. We shall wait until seeing you before giving you the details.

    Also, we had a fine time staying in Dorothy's mother's house. We then went to Oxford, stayed over one night, and then to the airport—Thomas took us.

    Would you send a check for £l0 to the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, 344 Seven Sisters Road, London N.4, and put it down on my expense account with you, to be reimbursed later. You might enclose a note that it is a contribution from me.

    I enclose a copy of the Hiroshima Appeal. This appeal was written by the drafting committee of the Fifth World Conference Against A and H Bombs--I was a member of the drafting committee. Mamma gave several talks in Japan. One was to the Association of Women Scientists, and another was at a public meeting, where I spoke too.

    We are going to leave on 8 September for a trip to Oregon, by car—I am to give three talks, as part of the Oregon Centennial celebration. We shall be back about 20 September. We haven't been up to the ranch, but we shall probably stop on the way to Oregon and on the way back.

    Love to you and Julia and Thomas, from

    [Linus Pauling]

  • Letter from LP to Professor Carl Djerassi, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Stanford University RE: Says he is glad to give him permission to use the two drawings he mentioned. [Letter from Djerassi to LP August 24, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Djerassi, Carl, 1959, 1963, 1969, 1973-1974, 1981, 1983, 1991), #96.3]
  • Letter from LP to R. T. Bond, Dodd, Mead and Co., RE: Says he hopes that no arrangement has been made to prevent the publication of a cheap paperback edition of No More War! Informs that Norman Cousins may be of assistance in the matter. Discusses foreign editions of the book. [Letter from Kamb to LP July 27, 1959, Letter from Bond to LP August 31, 1959] [Filed under LP Books: 1958b3.1]
  • Memo from LP to Dorothy Redlich RE: It is not possible to reimburse Redlich for a trip to the American Chemical Society meeting the following month. [Filed under LP Science: (Orthomolecular Medicine and Mental Health: Materials re: Ford Foundation grants for the study of mental disorders, 1955-1966), Box #11.089, Folder #89.11]
  • Memo from LP to George Beadle RE: Asks if he would be willing to write a letter to accompany his letter to the Saturday Evening Post, asks him to say that he has an understanding of genetics that would justify him being a geneticist, and asks him to also say that with his students and research associates he made a fundamental discovery in the field of human genetics in relation to disease ten years ago. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Beadle, George W.), #27.2]
  • Receipt from The Japan Council Again A & H Bombs to LP for 5,000 (yen) contribution. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Assorted Bills, Receipts and Invoices, 1951-1962), Box #4.060, Folder #60.5]
  • Typescript: "Statement by Linus Pauling," [re: 1959 trip around the world, including visit with Albert Schweitzer, thoughts on international relations and nuclear weapons] August 27, 1959. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.385]
  • Typescript: No Title, Letter to the Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, [re: (Fallout: The Silent Killer] [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: 1959a.14]
  • Typescript: Statement by Professor Pauling, [re: nuclear armament and meeting with Albert Schweitzer] August 27, 1959. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: 1959a.13]