Letter from Linus Pauling to George B. Brown. Page 1. April 29, 1958
Letter from Linus Pauling to George B. Brown. April 29, 1958. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Travel: Washington, DC

Activity Listings

  • Hotel bill: The Shoreham, Washington DC [Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.002, Folder 2.4]
  • Itinerary [handwritten]: Washington DC; National Academy of Sciences [Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.002, Folder #2.3] [also Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.002, Folder 2.4]
  • Letter from Charles J. Turck to LP RE: Expresses his concern about the threat of Strontium-90 to humans. Thanks LP for his involvement in the effort to reduce the threat. [Letter from LP to Charles TurckMay 4, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (T: Correspondence), #411.4]
  • Letter from Cyrus Eaton to Mr. President (Dwight D. Eisenhower) RE: References previous letter and enclosures and transmits the same documents in "more complete and permanent form." [Letter from Russell et al to President April 11, 1958, Letter from Eaton to President April 11, 1958] [Filed under LP Peace: Box 1.001, Folder 1.1]
  • Letter from E. M. Norsworthy, Fayette County Public Schools, to Mrs. Oliver Wulf, RE: Requests recommendation for Mrs. Carolyn Jackson, who is applying for a teaching position. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (N: Correspondence, 1957-1964) #288.2]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. George B. Brown, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. [Letter from George B. Brown to LP, April 1, 1958] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (B: Correspondence, 1958), #39.1]
    29 April 1958

    Dr. George B. Brown

    Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research

    410 East 68th Street

    New York 21, New York

    Dear Dr. Brown:

    The sample of 1-methylthymine prepared by Dr. Jack Fox and mentioned in your letter of April 1 arrived in good condition. The crystals are excellent for our purpose. I thank you very much for supplying us with this material.

    Sincerely yours,

    Linus Pauling

    cc: Dr. C. P. Rhoads

  • Letter from Louis P. Smith, Ford Hall Forum, to LP RE: Invites LP to speak at the 51st Anniversary of the Ford Hall Forum, the oldest Forum in the United States. Mentions that they are prepared to offer him a honorarium. [Letter from Smith to LP May 21, 1958] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1958s2.17]
  • Letter from Morris Hein, Mt San Antonio College, to LP. RE: Asks if he could rent or be loaned all three films on molecular structure during the fall semester. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H: Correspondence, 1958) #167.3]
  • Letter from Prof. J. S. Anderson, F.R.S., Chemistry Dept., University of Melbourne, to LP RE: States that he is making a trip to England and hopes he can stop by CalTech during his return trip. Gives the address where he can receive mail from during his trip. [Letter from LP to Prof. J. S. Anderson, F.R.S., May 16, 1958] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (A: Correspondence, 1958), #13.1]
  • Letter from Professor D.P. Craig, Chemistry Dept., University College London, to LP RE: Sends a list of the papers and lectures which will be presented at the Kekule Symposium in September. The meetings will take place in Friends' House in London. Will need to know what size slides LP will use. LP should make his own hotel reservations. [Letter from D.P. Craig to LP March 13, 1958, Letter from Beatrice Wulf to D.P. Craig July 9, 1958] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1958s2.4]
  • Letter from Professor J.A. Gengerelli, Psychology Dept., University of California, to LP RE: The clinical psychologists in the VA in this area have busy schedules for the coming months. Therefore has decided to postpone the seminar in honor of Ruth Tolman. Wonders if LP would be willing to speak at the seminar on some Friday afternoon during next October. [Letter from J.A. Gengerelli to LP April 14, 1958, Letter from LP to J.A. Gengerelli May 2, 1958] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1958s2.12]
  • Letter from Stanley, W.H. Freeman and Company Publishers, to LP RE: Writes that he read LP's manuscript for No More War! and understands for the first time what happens when atomic and nuclear bombs release their energy. Compliments the book and makes a few suggestions of how to change it. [Filed under LP Books: 1955b.3]
  • Letter from William L. Laurence, New York Times, to LP RE: Encloses the review of his book and hopes he has a pleasant European holiday. [Filed under LP Books: 1958b3.1]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "Clean bomb held equal bomb peril," Pasadena (California) Independent Star-News, April 29, 1958. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.129]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "Menace to Body," Chicago Sun, April 29, 1958. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.140]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "Pauling pictures new blast peril," New York Times, April 29, 1958. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.154]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "Radioactive carbon greater peril then strontium 90, Pauling says," Washington Post and Times Herald, April 29, 1958. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.129]
  • Pamphlet RE: National Academy of Sciences, Elections. [Filed under LP Science: (National Academy of Sciences, 1955-1969), Box #14.021, Folder #21.2]