Letter from Linus Pauling to Gary Felsenfeld Page 1. December 30, 1957
Letter from Linus Pauling to Gary Felsenfeld December 30, 1957. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Bound Report: Protein Structure Group Report No. 8, California Institute of Technology, December 31, 1957. [Filed under LP Science: Box #6.014, Folder #14.2]
  • Letter from Dr. E.T. McBee, Head, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University to LP RE: Explains he will be visiting CIT in early January to interview perspective Purdue graduate students as well as postdoctorates interested in a position at the university. Informs him that they have an opening in their department for another chemist, preferably not a physical chemist, and an opening for a research assistant. States if there is anyone interested in either position he would like to meet them when he visits CIT. Includes a copy of his interview schedule. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1957), #257.2]
  • Letter from George Pickering to LP RE: Tells LP that he is in complete agreement with the objects of the Appeal, but he feels he will be more effective by working in the background rather than adding his name. [Filed under LP Safe Contents: Drawer 2, Folder 2.001]
  • Letter from J. Chadwick to LP RE: Tells LP that he is a member of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and he shouldn't sign the Appeal as a result. [Filed under LP Safe Contents: Drawer 2, Folder 2.001]
  • Letter from L. A. DuBridge to Friends, cc: LP, Walden C. Cummins, and G. W. Green, RE: Acknowledges with thanks their recent gift to the Institute of shares of Common Stock of the Standard Oil Company of Indiana. Says that it will go to research directed by LP and the gift will remain anonymous. [Letter from Walden C. Cummins to DuBridge December 27, 1957] [Filed under LP Safe Contents: Drawer , Folder 2.006]
  • Letter from Marshall Gates, Assistant Editor, Journal of The American Chemical Society, to Paul Doty, Department of Chemistry, Harvard, cc: LP, RE: Acknowledges having received his letter withdrawing his manuscript and informs him that those asked to judge it still have the manuscript and they will be informed of the withdraw and asked to send the manuscript back. [Letter from Dr. Gates to LP December 26, 1957] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Chemical and Engineering News, 1947-1958, 1968-1969, 1975, 1979-1980, 1988), #70.3]
  • Letter from Oakley C. Johnson to LP RE: Notifies LP that because of his peace activities he is sending him a copy of his biography of Charles E. Ruthenberg entitled The Day is Coming. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (J: Correspondence, 1957), #192.23]
  • Letter from U. R. Evans to LP RE: Tells LP that he doesn't feel qualified to sign the Appeal because he doesn't have any direct knowledge of the dangers of nuclear testing. Discusses the issues relating to a worldwide agreement to disarmament and his hopes that something will be thought up soon. Handwritten note at top left, "doesn't sign." [Letter from LP to Evans February 3, 1958] [Filed under LP Safe Contents: Drawer 2, Folder 2.001]
  • Letter from W. D. McElroy, Johns Hopkins University, to LP. RE: Asks for a written appraisal of Dr. Herman Klackar. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1958) #257.3]
  • Royalty Statement for July 1, 1957-December 31, 1957 from McGraw-Hill Book Company to LP. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Royalty Statements, 1938-1995), Box #4.045, Folder #45.3]