Letter from Linus Pauling to Wolfram Keup. Page 1. January 3, 1957
Letter from Linus Pauling to Wolfram Keup. January 3, 1957. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Dr. Humphrey Osmond, Saskatchewan Hospital, to LP RE: Requests a reprint of his article "The Molecular Basis of Genetics." Handwritten note in margin: "sent 1/23/57." [Letter from LP to Osmond January 23, 1957] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Osmond, Humphrey, 1957, 1967, 1970-1971, 1976-1981, 1984-1987), #297.4]
  • Letter from Dr. R. Srinivasan to LP RE: Requests that he write a letter recommending him to the National Research Council in Canada for a post-doctorate fellowship in physical chemistry. Includes a copy of his resume. [Letter from LP to Srinivasan January 11, 1957] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1957), #380.1]
  • Letter from Dr. T.F. Davies Haines, President, CIBA Pharmaceutical Products Inc., to LP RE: Notifies that they are sending him a new book on rauwolfia that will cover the areas of botany, pharmacognosy, chemistry, and pharmacology as they relate to the alkaloid. [Letter from LP to Haines January 16, 1957] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H:Correspondence, 1957), #167.2]
  • Letter from Mary Golsan to LP RE: Writes LP to tell him that she has two retarded sons, one of whom has been diagnosed with "severely arrested hydrocephaly," and will provide any information for LP if it would aid him in his research on mental deficiency. [Letter from LP to Golsan January 7, 1957] [Filed under LP Science: Orthomolecular Medicine and Mental Health: Materials re: Ford Foundation grants for the study of mental disorders, 1955-1956: Box #11.089, Folder 89.7]
  • Letter from Reino W. Hakala to LP RE: Hakala would like to have the details about the calculations that LP used in figuring the effects of fallout on longevity of people in Nevada. [Letter from LP to Hakala March 6, 1957] [Filed under LP Peace: (Materials, re: Fallout and Radiation Shelters, and Civil Defense, 1954-1961), Box #7.007, Folder #7.1]