"The Scientific Outlook on Life." Page 1. June 11, 1953
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Travel: Cincinnati, OH

Activity Listings

  • AHP writes cheque to: Walter Fritts amount: $45.00 [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #4.022, Folder #1]
  • Itinerary: Leather Chemists Association, Cincinnati [Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.001 Folder 1.10]
  • Letter from Christopher Gregory to LP RE: Thanks LP for his congratulatory note and the encouragement. Is now working under the ONR contract on the theory of operator fields. [Letter from LP to Christopher Gregory May 25, 1953] [Filed under G: Correspondence 1953, Box #140, Folder #17]
  • Letter from Prof. Eberhardt to LP RE: is appreciative of LP's letter of May 22, 1953, and for the opportunity to spend the next Fall at Caltech. Unfortunately things have come up which prevent him from leaving Georgia Institute of Technology. Goes on to make some comments on the book College Chemistry for LP. [Letter from LP to Prof. Eberhardt May 22, 1953, letter of response from LP to Prof. Eberhardt June 13, 1953].
  • Note from M. Myant Columbia University to LP RE: writes that Dr. Loeb told him that LP had offered to see him at the end of June. Unfortunately he may not be in California until after June 24th, so he hopes Dr. Itano will be there at that time. [Filed under M: Correspondence 1953, Box #256, Folder #4]
  • Pauling Scrapbook: Program of the Annual Meeting of the American Leather Chemists Association RE: lists LP as lecturer discussing the topic of "Recent advances in the knowledge about the structure of proteins." [meeting June 7 through 10]. [Filed under: LP Biographical, Box 6.006, Folder 6.35]
  • Speech by LP on Recent Advances in Knowledge about the Structure of Proteins, Golden Jubilee Meeting of the American Leather Chemists Association, Cincinnati, Ohio. [Filed under LP Speeches: 1953s.8]