"Compound Helixes" Page 1. September 19 - October 15, 1952
"Compound Helixes" September 19 - October 15, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 41 pp.

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Ben May to LP RE: Sends LP an article from Chemical and Engineering News about chlorophyll and its use in controlling odors. [Filed under LP Science: Box 10.008, Folder 8.3]
  • Letter from Joe Caspin to LP RE: Sends information about the coverage re Doctor Lenora Bilger. Also urges LP to contribute financially to the cause of Hon. Delbert E. Metzger in his quest as delegate to the U.S. Congress on the democratic ticket [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #57, Folder #9].
  • Memo from W.N. Lacey to Members of the Committee on Graduate Study cc: LP RE: outlines a proposed policy change within the Association of Graduate Schools with regard to what date both fellowships and assistantships are offered to graduate students. Discusses shortcomings of the new system. [Filed under: LP Biographical, Box 1.018, Folder 18.2]
  • Research Note Books of LP, RNB 27R RE: pages 124-128 notes entitled "The Structure of Nuclei." Discusses alpha particles in heavier nuclei, theories leading to the knowledge of the structure of nuclei. Also includes calculations related to this. [related notes on p. 127 under the date September 17, 1954, September 18, 1954, p. 129 under the date December 5, 1961].