Memorandum from Linus Pauling to J.I. Fernandez Alonso. Page 1. January 7, 1952
Memorandum from Linus Pauling to J.I. Fernandez Alonso. January 7, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 6 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from J. Schweizer to LP RE: [Letter in German, awaiting translation] [Letter of response from LP to Mr. Schweizer February 4, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #378, Folder #6].
  • Letter from LP to Dr. James E. P. Toman RE: Is sorry that he has answered his letter so late. Agrees with Dr. Toman's efforts involving an action at the Philadelphia Meeting of the A.A.A.S. [Letter from Dr. Toman to LP December 18, 1952].
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr. RE: Regrets that he will be unable to attend the conference that Dr. Francis spoke of in his letter. Though he is interested in the subject of the conference, he has already made plans to visit the U of British Columbia on the date of the conference. [Letter from Francis, Jr. to LP January 7, 1952] [Filed under F: Correspondence 1952, Box #128, Folder 17]
  • Note from John S. McKinley McKee to LP RE: writes in thanks for LP's New Year wishes. Congratulations for receiving the G. N. Lewis award. Is glad to hear that LP plans a stay in England in the Spring, hopes to show him around Emmanuel College. Is considering a stay in the states himself over the summer, and enquires about a fellowship [follow-up note from Mr. McKinley McKee to LP March 30, 1952] [Filed under M: Correspondence 1952, Box #256, Folder #3]
  • Pauling Scrapbook: Program of Events for "Students' Day 1952" at Caltech RE: lists the program of events including a lecture by LP on "Crystal Structure." [Filed under LP Biographical: Box 6.006, Folder 6.19]