Letter from Linus Pauling to W.H. Taylor. March 21, 1951

Pauling writes to confirm that the hydroxyproline structure that Donohue discovered is the same as the one found by Zussmen. Donohue is planning on discussing the finding at the Stockholm Conference and a paper is being sent to the Journal of American Chemical Society. Donohue would like to set up a time to compare his observed F values and final parameters with those found by Zussmen. Pauling asks if it would be possible for Zussmen and Donohue to conduct a joint discussion for Acta. He apologizes for not having plans to go abroad soon.  View Transcript

Letter from Linus Pauling to W.H. Taylor. Page 1. March 21, 1951
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Associated: Robert Corey, Jerry Donohue, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Acta Crystallographica, Jack Zussman

ID: corr405.8-lp-taylor-19510321

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