Linus and Peter Pauling at the model Bourton-on-the-water, England. Picture. 1948
Linus and Peter Pauling at the model Bourton-on-the-water, England. 1948. Picture  Larger Images / More Information.

Travel: Washington, D.C.

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Ricardo Carvalho Ferreira to LP RE: States that Professor Daudel has written him regarding LP's interest in the ionic character in double bounds. Includes three questions related to HCl and bonding. [Letter from LP to Ferreira October 1, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #119.7, file:(Ferreira, Ricardo)]
  • Letter from W. H. Freeman, W. H. Freeman and Company to Dr. William Doering, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University cc: LP RE: Hopes he will do the organic chemistry text for their series, suggests he raise questions with LP, emphasize their willingness to wait longer for a manuscript from him as other sources are unsatisfying and he is their preference. [Filed under LP Correspondence: 439.6]
  • Memo from Carl Niemann to Members of the Division of Graduate Committee, Caltech, RE: Attaches the application by Dr. Szwarc, who is recommended by LP, for the Noyes Fellowship in Chemistry. Asks for a vote on whether Szwarc should receive this fellowship. [Two copies] [Application July 14, 1948, letter from J. G. Kirkwood September 7, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #373.1]