"Shortening of Bonds in Flourine Compounds." Page 1. February 9, 1948
"Shortening of Bonds in Flourine Compounds." February 9, 1948. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Travel: England

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Dr. Joseph Halle Schaffner to LP RE: Asks for a favor as they are interested in traveling to Europe next summer, wants to know if there is a course open to American students at Oxford that is the equivalent of the standard American half-course in qualitative analysis for his stepdaughter, and would appreciate the information if he can get it without a lot of trouble. (Notes on bottom in grey ink: illegible) [Letter from LP to Schaffner March 29, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1948), #378.2]
  • Letter from Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists to Sarnia Marquand. Thanks her for fulfilling her pledge made last year and for her support of their work. LP Peace: Box 3.005, Folder 5.4
  • Letter from P.G.H. Gell to LP RE: Asks LP for a ticket to the Discourse at the Royal Institution. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1948s.19]
  • Letter from Prof. Carl Niemann, Crellin Laboratory, Caltech, to LP RE: Regrets to inform him that Jack Petersen died two weeks ago, apparently from a heart attack. Discusses the continuation of his work with Urease. Informs him that they have accepted a grant of $1500 from Kennedy of the Corn Industries Research Foundation to fund Arlington's research. Discusses attempts to get a grant from the U.S. Public Health program. Goes on to discuss current enzyme research at Caltech. Concludes by congratulating LP on being elected to President of the ACS. [Letters from LP to Niemann February 4, 1948, March 2, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #277.5, file:(Niemann, Carl)]
  • Manuscript, Correspondence: The Nature of the Chemical Bond — A Postulatory System of Structural Chemistry, Lecture 8, Balliol College, Oxford University, England. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1948s.13]
  • Telegram from Dr. Carl Niemann, Department of Chemistry, Caltech, to Dr. T. Mann RE: Informs him that they are holding a reservation for him and his wife at the Athenaeum for two weeks starting February 29. [Notes from Mann to Niemann February 11, 1948, February 17, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #255.15, file:(M: Correspondence, 1948)]
  • Telegram from Dr. E. Schlittler, Vereinigung zur Organisation Naturwissenschaftlicher Vorträge to LP RE: Asks him to cable whether he prefers April 29th of the beginning of July for his lecture to their chemical society. (Reply typed on back: “PREFER JULY DATE. LETTER FOLLOWS”) [Letter from LP to Schlittler February 11, 1948, letter from Schlittler to LP February 19, 1948] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Oxford University, [re: Eastman professorship and residency in Oxford] 1946-1948), #299.8]