Letter from Linus Pauling to Robert Robinson. Page 1. January 14, 1947
Letter from Linus Pauling to Robert Robinson. January 14, 1947. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Ch 226b Quantum Mechanics - Lecture 1: Hydrogen atom, continued. [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia: Box 1.014, Folder 14.2]
  • Letter Oscar K. Rice, to Alden H. Emery. RE: Clarifies some points in his letter of December 17th. [Filed under LP Science: American Chemical Society: Correspondence, 1943-1948: Box #14.003 Folder #3.3]
  • Letter from Allan M. Wilson, Assistant to the President of the Advertising Council, Inc., to Mr. Joseph Halle Schaffner, Executive Director of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Provides a brief statement to the members of Schaffner's Committee concerning what could be done to promote the Council's Atomic Energy Campaign with less than $100,000 allocated to the Advertising Council. LP Safe Drawer 2, Folder 2.031
  • Letter from Eva G. Rosensteel, Administrative Assistant, to Dr. Roger Adams, Chairman, Nominating Committee. RE: Encloses a list of the officers and members of the Council of the National Academy during the past five years. [Filed under LP Science: National Academy of Sciences, 1945-1951: Box #14.019 Folder #19.2]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. R. B. Leavelle. RE: Informs him that he has received a bill for services for Walter Pitts on August 26th. Asks for a statement as to why the bill has been sent now. [Filed under LP Science: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1946-1952: Box #14.014 Folder #14.2]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Thomas Addis RE: Remarks that he is working on a book to be published next fall and that he is planning two trips to the East. Adds that he would be glad to put in a word for Addis' lab, perhaps a letter to Tresidder. Goes on to suggest that Addis look into a Public Health Services grant. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #2.2, file:(Addis, Thomas 1946-1947)]
  • Letter from Lawrence O. Brockway, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Michigan, to LP RE: Discusses some of the issues surrounding a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for Dr. Sutton's trip, and encloses a letter from Brockway to Dr. Chadwell which describes the purpose of Sutton's visit. Asks for LP's assistance in getting others to come to the discussion meeting. [Letters from LP to Dr. Lawrence O. Brockway December 17, 1946, to Dr. H. M. Chadwell January 25, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #370.8]
  • Memorandum from J.H. Sturdivant to Dr. J.B. Koepfli, RE: LP has asked that the various accounts within the Chemistry Department be charged for their secretarial work, and Sturdivant has provided an outline of the procedure they should adopt to do so. [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia, Box 1.020, Folder 20.4]
  • Telegram from M. E. Cannon, TATA Inc., to LP RE: States that Mrs. P. J. Vesugar will arrive in Pasadena on January 16 at 8:16 am. States LP should make an appointment with her between the 16th and the 19th. There are two copies of this telegram. Handwritten on one copy: “PAR. Please add this information to the memo to Dr. Lacey.,” and “Reservation at Athenaeum needed by Miss Howard.” [Letters from LP to M. E. Cannon January 10, 1947, to Dean W. N. Lacey January 10, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #410.12]