Letter from Linus Pauling to Alvin Wilder. Page 1. December 17, 1946
Letter from Linus Pauling to Alvin Wilder. December 17, 1946. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Chemistry 226a. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Final Examination. Books and notes are not to be used. [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia: Box 1.014, Folder 14.2]
  • Entry in Calendar: “Concert Paganini” [Filed under LP's Daily Calendar of Events, 1946, 1958-1966, 1968-1970, 1973-1979: Box #5.012, Folder 12.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Martin Kilpatrick, Secretary and Treasurer, Division of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, ACS, to LP RE: Asks for LP's suggestions on content and speakers for a symposium on metals to be held at the fall division meeting. Asks LP to contribute to the symposium if he has not yet left for England by September. [Letter from LP to Kilpatrick December 31, 1946] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #200.11, file:(K: Correspondence, 1946)]
  • Letter from Harold W. Schneider, to LP. RE: Is in complete accordance with his view. Asks how he can become a member of the ICCASP. [Filed under LP Science: American Chemical Society: Correspondence, 1943-1948: Box #14.003 Folder #3.3]
  • Letter from W.H. Freeman to LP. Encloses a promissory note for $1500 due one year from the date of the issuance of stock. Tells LP that he is trying to finish the work relating to the stock issue as soon as possible and discusses the work of George Beadle and Paul Hanna of Stanford. LP Safe: Drawer 2, Folder 2.009
  • Letter from W.H. Freeman, W.H. Freeman and Co., to LP RE:Freeman would like to have at least two copies of LP's unfinished manuscript as well as a statement of what more is to come and what changes have yet to be made. He informs LP that he will match LP's .5% royalty to the illustrator, Hayward, thus making Hayward's royalties 1% total. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b4.6.]