The Pauling family. Picture. 1941
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Activity Listings

  • Letter from Albert Schoenflies to LP RE: States that the American Consul will give visas to him and his wife, as well as their children, if Affidavits of Support can be made for all five of them. Hopes LP will procure the necessary papers and states that they will accept any kind of work. [Letters from Albert Schoenflies to LP March 15, 1941, from Rev. Paul Leo to LP July 18, 1941] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #358.1]
  • Letter from Secretary, Div. of Chemistry, Caltech, to Mr. George O. Schubert, Iktola Products Co., RE: Regrets that Caltech does not provide an analysis service and suggests Schubert use a commercial testing laboratory. [Letter from George O. Schubert to the Chemistry Dept., Caltech, March 18, 1941] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1941), #377.11]
  • Letter from Thomas K. Sherwood, National Defense Research Committee, to LP. RE: Asks if LP could make one more oxygen instrument at the same time he makes the original four. [Letter from Sherwood to LP May 16, 1941] [Filed under LP Science: Scientific War Work - Materials re: the Pauling Oxygen Meter, 1940-1947: Box #13.001 Folder #1.1]
  • Letter from the Chairman of the Executive Council, C. I. T. to the Rockefeller Foundation RE: Supporting LP's grant application to the Rockefeller Foundation. [Filed under LP Science: Rockefeller Foundation, 1936-1946: Box #14.038 Folder #38.11]