Letter from Linus Pauling to A.M. Pappenheimer, Jr. Page 1. January 23, 1941
Letter from Linus Pauling to A.M. Pappenheimer, Jr. January 23, 1941. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from B. L. Crawford, Jr., School of Chemistry, University of Minnesota RE: discusses the work and character of Stuart R. Brinkley, Jr. and hopes that LP can find a position for him at Caltech that does not involve experimental work. [Letter from Brinkley to LP January 13, 1941] [Reply from LP January 30, 1941] [Filed under LP Biographical: Academia: Box 1.017, Folder 17.3]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Frank H. Spedding, Dept. of Chemistry, Iowa State College, RE: Thanks Spedding for the letter about Mr. Sayre. [Filed under LP Correspondence: #367.3]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. George Glockler, Department of Chemistry, State University of Iowa, RE: Informs him that his top graduating students this year are two American-born Japanese. Asks if Glockler would be willing to give a fellowship to one of them. Notes that Latimer at Berkeley also recently sent a student of Japanese ancestry to the Midwest. [Letters from Glockler to LP January 18, 1941, January 28, 1941] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #136.15, file:(Glockler, George)]
  • Letter from Thomas K. Sherwood, Technical Aide, Division B, National Defense Research Committee, to LP. RE: Is getting into a problem of masks and oxygen breathing equipment for aviators. Asks if LP could produce 3-4 of his instruments for this use. [Telegram from Sturdivant to Sherwood, January 30, 1941] [Filed under LP Science: Scientific War Work - Materials re: the Pauling Oxygen Meter, 1940-1947: Box #13.001 Folder #1.2]
  • Letter from unknown (unsigned) to Bessie Little, RE: encloses an adherent card for Margaret E. Brown. [Filed under AHP: Federal Union, Pasadena Chapter: Box # 5.006, Folder 6.5]
  • Writes cheque to "Mr. Paul Strand," $15.00. [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial, Box 4.016, Folder 16.1]