Raven Waldron

Raven Waldron was raised in Silver Lake, Oregon along with two brothers. In 2013 she began attending Oregon State University and, while an undergraduate, she held positions with University Housing and Dining as a Resident Assistant and as a Community Relations Facilitator. Later she took a position at OSU's Native American Longhouse and was also elected to the ASOSU Senate. 

Starting in 2015, Waldron began conducting research for her Honors College thesis in the Harper Nanotoxicology Lab. A year later, she received the Udall Scholarship, which allowed her to go on a three-month Honors College exchange in London.  In 2018 Waldron defended her Honors College thesis on the relationship between Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Benzyl Chromium Chloride. That same year she completed her honors degree in BioResource Research with an option in Toxicology, while also minoring in Chemistry and Environmental Toxicology.

Waldron was subsequently accepted into the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State as a graduate student, with ambitions of earning a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2022. In addition to her studies, Waldron is a member of multiple student societies that are part of the pharmacy program, including the Oregon Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists. She is also an OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy Ambassador.