Pam Sullivan

Pamela Sullivan began her early childhood in Florida, spending the summer months in New York with her grandfather, an avid outdoorsman who inspired a love of nature in his granddaughter. While at home in Florida, Sullivan also spent heaps of time outdoors participating in activities like sailing. These early experiences furthered an interest in nature and its processes for Sullivan as she moved on in her studies as a scientist. Early on, she found subjects like math to come more naturally as she struggled with reading due to dyslexia. Sullivan also found joy in sports and art in her early years, serving as team captain for multiple sports teams including soccer and swim. Sullivan also developed a love of art during her high school years. 

With college on her horizon, Sullivan considered going to a smaller school but ultimately landed at the University of British Columbia, where she completed a degree in Natural Resource Conservation in 2005. While there, she spent time abroad in Chile studying art and making lifelong friends. A spontaneous decision led her back to Florida to complete her PhD in Geosciences and to begin research work in the Everglades. 

In 2019, Sullivan accepted a faculty position in the Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, teaching multiple courses within the physical and geological sciences as well as running a research lab. While at OSU, Sullivan has also worked as a restoration volunteer and has continued to spend the majority of her free time outdoors.