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Minerva Zayas Oral History Interview

Minerva Zayas

  • Russ Yamada, bachelor's in General Science (1968), established the first endodontics practice in Corvallis
  • Mary Yates, bachelor's in English (1968), former U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Burundi, National Security Advisor on African issues under the Obama administration
  • Tom Yates, one of the first computer programmers hired by OSU, Director of the OSU Computer Center (1976-1985)
  • Kong Zheng Yeang, undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, international student from Malaysia
  • Harry Yeh, Professor of Civil Engineering, international authority on tsunamis
  • Russ Youmans, faculty member in the OSU Agricultural Economics department (1966-1999), head of the Western Regional Development Center (WRDC) (1977-1999)
  • Mai-Yee Yuan, undergraduate in Microbiology, internal coordinator for the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center
  • Minerva Zayas, graduate student in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, member of the Corvallis LGBTQ+ community and co-founder of the OSU Women of Color Caucus
  • Tom Zinn, OSU Extension Agent for Columbia, Gilliam and Wasco counties, Associate Director of the Extension Service (1962-1993)