The Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Project

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Taylor Sarman Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Chris Petersen.

November 16, 2015


“A Student Leader for the Twenty-First Century”  November 16, 2015  Location: Valley Library, Oregon State University.  Watch Video | Download Transcript (PDF)

In the interview, Sarman describes his family background and upbringing in Union, Oregon, commenting on the ways in which growing up in rural environment impacted his worldview. He likewise traces his early interest in politics and describes his ascension within the ranks of Future Business Leaders of America, culminating with his election as national president of the organization.

Sarman next discusses his transition to college at OSU and his earliest involvement with the Associated Students of Oregon State University, beginning with his first job as a congressional clerk. He likewise reflects on his involvement in fraternity life, and on an internship that he completed in the Oregon House, working for Rep. Jeff Reardon. From there, Sarman recalls his move into the role of ASOSU Executive Director of Government Relations and, after that, his appointment to the OSU Board of Trustees. In recalling his stint as a trustee, Sarman makes particular note of his engagement with other trustee members as well as OSU President Ed Ray.

Sarman's experiences as ASOSU President are the next focus of the session, and in this he describes running his presidential campaign and reflects on a few specific highlights of his term in office, including his veto of an identity-based representation bill forwarded by the student legislature, and his work to realign the student fee allocation model at Oregon State.

The session concludes with Sarman's thoughts on the impact on student groups of the Student Experience Center; his memories of influential classes and professors; his sense of contemporary student concerns at Oregon State; and his hopes for his own future following graduation.