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Jessina McGregor Oral History Interview. September 4, 2016

Jessina McGregor Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Chris Petersen.

September 4, 2016

Location:  Collaborative Life Sciences Building, Portland, Oregon.

Jessina McGregor (b. 1978) is an OSU alumna who graduated in 2001 with honors bachelors degrees in Microbiology and International Studies. Following her doctoral training in Epidemiology, McGregor returned to her alma mater in 2006, joining the faculty of OSU's College of Pharmacy. McGregor was hired as part of an initiative to boost the research program within the college's Portland branch, and she has been based at either the OHSU main campus or at the health sciences complex on the South Waterfront for the whole of her career as an OSU faculty member. Her interview details her undergraduate years at Oregon State; her research on antibiotic resistance and optimized patient care; and her perspective on the forward advancement of OSU Pharmacy's aims in Portland, including the impact that has been made by the construction of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.