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Bill Lunch Oral History Interviews. March 2015

Bill Lunch Oral History Interviews

Two life history interviews conducted by Chris Petersen.

March 2015

Location:  Valley Library, Oregon State University.

Bill Lunch (b. 1949) was a member of the OSU Political Science department from 1984 to his retirement in 2011, serving as chair of the department for his final eight years on faculty. For the majority of his time at Oregon State, Lunch also worked as a political commentator for Oregon Public Broadcasting, filing reports and offering his opinions on regional political affairs, and regularly appearing on both radio and television. Over two interviews, Lunch describes the ways in which this dual career evolved and flourished over the course of nearly three decades at Oregon State. He also offers his opinions on numerous individuals who have made a major impact on the university, and shares his perspective on the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber, which took place just one month before these interviews.