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Leon Hubbard Oral History Interview. December 18, 2013

Leon Hubbard Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Chris Petersen.

December 18, 2013

Location:  Hubbard residence, Keizer, Oregon.

Leon Hubbard (1917-2014), the son of two Oregon Agricultural College graduates, earned a degree in Horticulture from Oregon State College in 1941. Hubbard was engaged with agriculture in Oregon for the whole of his life. A well-known and much respected crop specialist and cannery administrator, Hubbard spent nearly four decades working for Birds Eye General Foods, the Gresham Berry Growers Cooperative and its successor organization, Norpac Foods, Inc. His interview focuses on his upbringing in rural Oregon, his undergraduate experience at OSC, his seven years as an independent farmer, and his long career as a field representative for agricultural operations in the northern Willamette Valley.