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Memories of Hatfield Marine Science Center. April 12, 2015

Memories of Hatfield Marine Science Center

A series of interview vignettes conducted by Mike Dicianna.

April 12, 2015

Location:  Guin Library, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon.

Established by Oregon State University in 1965 on Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon, the Marine Science Center - re-named for Oregon Governor and Senator Mark Hatfield in 1983 - is both a leading marine research laboratory and a center for instruction of university students and the interested public alike. In April 2015, HMSC hosted a reunion of past students, faculty and staff, four of whom contributed their memories of the center on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary. These interviews, conducted with Range Bayer, Warren Hanson, John Markham and Anja Robinson, touch on the evolution and impact of the Hatfield Center as observed over multiple decades.