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An Oral History of the OSC Class of 1959

An interview with Jim and Jane Schaeffer, Harley Smith and Dave Socolofsky, conducted by Mike Dicianna.

February 14, 2014


Jane (Saling) Schaeffer was the first woman to take a Navy ROTC class at Oregon State. The third member of the "Shamrock Party" running for ASOSC office in 1958, she was elected Junior Class Vice President in 1958 and ASOSC 2nd Vice President in 1959. A member of numerous campus committees, Jane was actively involved in campus life beginning her freshman year.

James Schaeffer, a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, was involved in athletics and student politics during his time at OSC.

Harley J. Smith was President of Heckart Lodge, a men's cooperative living residence, and belonged to Blue Key Club and Alpha Delta Sigma during his tenure at OSC. An original member of the student political "Shamrock Party," he was elected 1st Vice President of ASOSC in 1959. Smith also authored the Student Senate petition to rename Oregon State College as Oregon State University.

Walter D. "Dave" Socolofsky also ran for ASOSC office on the "Shamrock Party" ticket. Dave was Junior Class President in 1958 and a member of the OSC Student Life committee. Dave was also a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and Sigma Tau National Engineering honorary fraternity.