The Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Project

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Memories of Clackamas County Extension

Two life history interviews conducted by Mike Dicianna.

November - December 2016


Of Teaching, Family Forestry and Extension  November 18, 2016  Location: Enquist residence, Molalla, Oregon.  Watch Video | Download Transcript (PDF)

In her interview, Merilly Enquist discusses her family lineage from her vantage point as a fourth generation descendant of Oregon pioneers. In this, she describes her family's acreage and touches upon her education and notable events growing up during the war years. She likewise notes her early connection to 4-H and the year that she spent working for the OSC Extension Service under the supervision of John Inskeep. From there, Enquist provides an overview of her undergraduate years at Oregon State College, commenting primarily on her academic progression in Business Education as well as her social experiences. Next, Enquist touches upon her marriage and move to Portland, her career as a teacher, and her reaquaintance with the Clackamas County Extension offices. The remainder of the interview focuses on her management of Christmas tree and timber stands harvested from her family land. Notes on family and activities in retirement are included as secondary topics.

OSC, World War II, and 4-H Extension  December 7, 2016  Location: Black residence, Milwaukie, Oregon.  Watch Video | Download Transcript (PDF)

In his interview, Harold Black traces his upbringing in Creswell, Oregon, his first year as a Farm Crops student at Oregon State College, and the military training that he received prior to joining the Navy in 1943. Black's service in the Pacific theatre during World War II is a primary point of emphasis for this interview. From there, he recounts the remainder of his OSC experience following the conclusion of the war and details the circumstances by which he came to be employed by the OSC Extension Service. Next, he provides an overview of his career as a 4-H Extension agent and administrator in Columbia, Clackamas and Multnomah counties. The session concludes with notes on family and activities in retirement.