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Emery Castle Oral History Interviews. October 14 - 15, 2014

Emery Castle Oral History Interviews

Three life history interviews conducted by Chris Petersen.

October 14 - 15, 2014

Location:  Castle residence, Corvallis, Oregon.

Emery Castle (b. 1923), a widely respected agricultural economist, made a significant impact on Oregon State University over four decades of service. At various points the chair of the Agricultural Economics department, the Dean of the Graduate School, and the head of the University Graduate Faculty of Economics, Castle was also one of three co-chairs of the Commission on University Goals, a group that played an important role in shaping the strategic agenda of the university in the early 1970s. A major contributor to conversations on natural resources and the rural economy, Castle also led a Washington, D.C.-based public policy think tank, Resources for the Future, from 1976-1986, before returning to Corvallis for the final seven years of his career. In three interviews, Castle discusses his education and service during World War II; his scholarly achievements in agricultural economics and rural studies; and his diversity of experiences as an administrator in Corvallis and elsewhere.