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John Bliss Oral History Interview. August 21, 2015

John Bliss Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Mike Dicianna.

August 21, 2015

Location:  Peavy Hall, Oregon State University.

John Bliss (b. 1951) was the first Starker Chair in Private and Family Forestry, occupying this position within the OSU College of Forestry from its inception in 1998 to his move into administration in 2012. A leading researcher on private forest policy and forest-based rural development, Bliss has conducted influential work on the socioeconomic impact of the forestry industry, paying particular attention to the roles played by small woodland foresters. From 2012 to his retirement in 2016, Bliss served as Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs within the College of Forestry and, in this capacity, contributed significantly to the increasing internationalization of the college. His interview traces the progression of his academic career; his close involvement with research and experiential learning opportunities both globally and in Oregon's rural communities; and the advancement of the OSU College of Forestry during his years of association.