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Ken Austin Oral History Interview. March 24, 2015

Ken Austin Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Mike Dicianna and Chris Petersen.

March 24, 2015

Location:  Austin Industries, Newberg, Oregon.

Ken Austin (b. 1931) attended Oregon State College from 1949-1953, graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering. While at OSC, Austin became the first Benny Beaver mascot, wearing a costume of his own design and construction, and entertaining fans with antics that often incorporated a starter's pistol that he wore on his hip. Following the completion of his studies and a stint in the Air Force, Austin worked eight jobs in eight years before launching his own business, Austin Dental Equipment Company, or A-dec. Mechanically inclined and a habitual tinkerer, Austin's innovations revolutionized the practice of dentistry and fueled dizzying growth for A-dec. Later on, Ken and his wife Joan became heavily involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, generously supporting several programs at OSU and providing the lead gift for a new home for the College of Business, Austin Hall. Austin's interview focuses on his life-long interest in machinery, his rich undergraduate experience at OSC, the creation and growth of A-dec, and his family's experiences in philanthropy.