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Alan Acock Oral History Interview. March 2, 2017

Alan Acock Oral History Interview

Life history interview conducted by Chris Petersen.

March 2, 2017

Location:  Valley Library, Oregon State University.

Alan Acock (b. 1944), a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Human Development and Family Science, chaired OSU's HDFS department for twelve years, beginning with its creation in 1990. An accomplished scholar in the field of family studies, Acock is also well-known for his work in quantitative analysis - one particularly influential book, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, is now in its fifth edition. He has likewise authored major papers on topics including the impact of divorce on children and improved methods for working with missing statistical values. In his interview, Acock traces his career as a sociologist at four different institutions; comments on growth and change within the HDFS department; and lends insight into his diverse body of scholarship.