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Rangeland Resources Department Maps, 1936-1967View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates: 1936-1941
The Rangeland Resources Department Maps consist of materials created and assembled by Rangeland Resources faculty and alumni documenting range type surveys and studies in the Lower Powder River basin, Vale District, and Squaw Butte Experimental Range in eastern Oregon.
ID: MAPS Rangeland
Extent: 0.3 cubic feet
Scope and Content Notes
Biographical / Historical Notes
Statement on Access: Collection is open for research.
Statement on Description: In this collection, the term "squaw" is used in the context of the Squaw Butte Experiment Station. This station is now known as the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center.
Preferred Citation: Rangeland Resources Department Maps (MAPS Rangeland), Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.
Acquisition Note: These maps were transferred to the Special Collections & Archives Research Center in 2013 from materials housed by the former the Rangeland Resources Department.
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Series 1: Range Surveys for the Keating Soil Conservation District, Lower Powder River, Baker County, 1940-1941 Add to Shelf
Series I consists of range surveys of townships within the Keating Soil Conservation District of the Lower Powder River Grazing District #6 prepared by E. William (Bill) Anderson of the Soil Conservation Service. The surveys consist of 2 large-scale maps for each of the 15 townships in the area extending from Township 8 South to 10 South and Range 40 East to 44 East. One map of the pair is hand-colored and depicts range types; the second map is a land ownership overlay and indicates which lands are federal, state, or county property as well as individual and corporate land owners. The scale of the maps is 1 inch = 0.25 mile or 1:15,840. In addition to the maps, the series includes 68 summary sheets with tabulated acreages of different range types, cultivated land, and pasture as well as grazing capacity. Summary sheets are included for each township; two sheets include compilations of acreages for all of the townships surveyed.
Extent: 98 sheets
Folder 1 Add to Shelf
Series 2: Vale District, circa 1965 Add to Shelf
Series II consists of a 1962 base map of the southern half of the Bureau of Land Management Vale District that has been annotated with range types and hand-colored. The map scale is 1 inch = 2 miles or 1:125,000. The map covers the area of Townships 27 South to 41 South and Ranges 36 East to 46 East.
Extent: 1 sheet
Folder 2 Add to Shelf
Series 3: Squaw Butte Experimental Range and Squaw Butte Ranch, 1936-1967 Add to Shelf
Series III consists of range type maps prepared in the 1930s as well as range studies completed in the mid-1960s. The series includes maps and 2 aerial photographs. Several of the maps from the mid-1960s study are stamped with the name of Charles E. Poulton.
Extent: 24 sheets
Folder 3: Squaw Butte Regional Range Experiment Station, 1938 Add to Shelf
Maps prepared by the Soil Conservation Service, Oregon State College, and the Division of Grazing depicting range types and range study plots. Two of the maps are hand-colored. Scale of 1 inch = 0.25 mile or 1:15,840.
Extent: 3 sheets
Folder-Item 4.1: Squaw Butte Ranch Range Livestock Research, 1936-1937 Add to Shelf
For Township 24 South Range 25 East. Scale of 1 inch = 2000 feet (1:24,000). Depicts the results of a cooperative project of the U.S. Department of the Interior Division of Grazing and the Oregon State College Agricultural Experiment Station.
Extent: 3 sheets
Folder-Item 4.2: Squaw Butte Ranch, circa 1960 Add to Shelf
Topographic maps prepared by the U.S. Geological survey at scale of 1:24,000.
Extent: 4 sheets
Folder-Item 4.3: Squaw Butte Experimental Range, 1967 Add to Shelf
Depict soil type and vegetation for Township 24 South Range 25 East; prepared for the Bureau of Land Management by Oregon State University Range Management. Multiple sheets are available at scales ranging from 1:15,840 to 1:62,500.
Extent: 9 sheets
Folder-Item 4.4: Squaw Butte Experimental Range aerial photographs, 1967 Add to Shelf
Includes two aerial photographs annotated with vegetation and soil types; also include overlays and legends. One of the photographs is at scale of 1 inch = 0.5 mile (1:31,680); the other has a scale of 1 inch = 0.25 mile (1:15,840).
Extent: 5 items
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