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Women's Center Records, 1971-2011

Historical Note:

The Women's Center at Oregon State University began in 1972 as a study group of Oregon State faculty led by Economics Professor Jeanne Dost. In addition to teaching a course on contemporary women's issues, the group wanted to create a place on campus for the open study and discussion of feminist issues by students and outside speakers. The new Women's Center, which was established in 1973, offered counseling, support groups, tutoring, and developmental programs to both women and men. The Center began receiving University funding in 1974 as a program of the Memorial Union and Student Activities. The Women's Center is located in the Benton Annex, a small building constructed in 1892 as the Station Building, which was slated for destruction in the early 1970s.

Jeanne Dost (1973-1980), Nancy Vanderpool (1981-1993), and Beth Rietveld (1993-2011) served as Directors or Supervisors of the Women's Center since it's establishment.

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