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Holocaust Memorial Program Records, 1945-2009

Scope and Content Note

The Holocaust Memorial Program Records consist of videorecordings (DVDs) of lectures and presentations; posters; a booklet about the Holocaust by Paul E. Kopperman; and a 1945 watercolor of the POW camp at Hersbruck, Germany.

The videorecordings include testimonials from Holocaust survivors as well as lectures on variety of topics. The following recordings from 1990-1992 and 2006-2009 are included in the collection: Murray Brown: Survivor Testimony (April 24, 1990); Holocaust Perpetrators: "Desk Murderers" and "Shooters" by Dr. Christopher R. Browning, Pacific Lutheran University (April 25, 1990); Rudi and Laureen Nusbaum: Holocaust Survivor Testimony (1991); Historians on the Holocaust, by Dr. Michael Marrus, University of Toronto (April 28, 1992); Buried by "The Times" -- The Holocaust and America's Most Important Newspaper by Laurel Leff (April 25, 2006); Not in Kansas Anymore: Holocaust Movies for Children by Lawrence Baron (April 16, 2007); Recent Trends in Holocaust Cinema by Lawrence Baron (April 16, 2007); Intertwined Genocides? Violence against Servs, Jews, and Roma in Wartime Croatia, 1941-45 by Alexander Korb (April 18, 2007); How the Nazis Made Anti-Semitism Respectable by Claudia Koonz (April 20, 2009); The Holocaust's Role in the Identity of Today's Germans by Consul-General Rolf Schuette (April 21, 2009); and A Personal Account of the White Rose by George Wittenstein (April 22, 2009).

Posters promoting events of the annual Holocaust Memorial Week for 1989-2005 are part of the collection. A booklet, In Ashes and Smoke: Notes on the Holocaust by Paul Kopperman, includes background information on the Holocaust; a list of selected books and films; and recommended materials for teachers. The booklet is undated, but was likely prepared in the early 1990s.

The collection also includes a framed watercolor of the POW camp at Hersbruck, Germany, by Dwight Helm. It is identifed as "CJC Hersbruck, Germany 1945". During the time that Hersbruck was a satellite camp, the building at the center of this watercolor was a headquarters and dormitory for the SS.

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