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Research Office Records, 1960-2012

Historical Note:

The Research Office, headed by the Vice Provost for Research, oversees and directs research in all of OSU's colleges as well as 20 multi-disciplinary programs, centers, and institutes. The Research Office was established in 1965 in response to a steady increase in research funding available to universities after World War II. Prior to 1965, the administration of research was directed by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. In addition to heading the Research Office, the Vice Provost also serves as the chair of the Research Council, which reviews all research proposals for funding support. Since its inception, the Research Office has been headed by: Roy Young (1965-1976), John Byrne (1976-1981), George Keller (1981-1991), Dick Scanlan (1992-1998), Wilson "Toby" Hayes (1998-2001), and Richard Holdren (2001-). Roy Young also served as Director of the Natural Resources Policy Institute from 1986 to 1990.

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