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Office of Admissions Records, 1961-2009

Historical Note:

A separate Admissions Office was established at Oregon State College in 1960. Prior to that time, the Registrar's Office performed the admissions functions of providing information to prospective students and evaluating students for admission. Dallas W. Norton served as the first Director of Admissions from 1960 to 1963, when Wallace E. Gibbs, who had been appointed the Registrar in 1961, became the Director of Admissions. Gibbs held the position until his retirement in 1991. Diana Kay Conrad became Associate Director of Admissions in 1978 and served as Director from 1991 until her retirement in 1997. More recent directors include Robert Bontrager (1997-2001) and Michelle Sandlin (2001-2011). Noah Buckley became Director of Admissions in 2011.

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