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Office of University Publications and OSU Press Records, 1907-2007

Historical Note:

The Office of University Publications began in 1912; Edwin T. Reed was the first college editor and served until 1943. The office has published a variety of items over the years, but its mainstay has always been the university's General Catalog. Subsequent directors of the office have included Delmer Goode, 1943-56; J. Kenneth Munford, 1956-77; Gwil Evans, 1977-79; Tom Sanders, 1979-84; and Jeffrey Grass, 1984-2000 (also director of OSU Press 1984-present); and Tina Chovanec, 2000-present. Until 2000, the director of the University Publications Office also directed the OSU Press.

The forerunner of the OSU Press was the Committee on Publications, organized in 1936. Its charge, with funding from the State Board of Higher Education, was to publish suitable research material of the monograph type. It published 87 books and monographs prior to the establishment of the OSU Press in 1961. Since that time the Press has published more than 165 books.

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