Letter from Linus Pauling to N.V. Sidgwick. May 1, 1951

Pauling writes Sidgwick to tell him of his use of and suggestions for Sidgwick's book. He writes of the trips around the US that he has taken with Ava Helen and the different meetings he attended and spoke at. Pauling informs him that Kimpton became Chancellor of the University of Chicago and that the university is quite happy with him. He outlines the papers that he is writing with Corey on the structure of proteins and how it relates to the structure of muscle and hair. He informs him that Peter will not be finishing his undergraduate work at the University of London because they would not accept his credentials but instead would be finishing up his undergraduate work at the California Institute of Technology and would perhaps complete his graduate work in England. Pauling talks about the new pool that he and Ava Helen had put in at the house and of their daily swims through the dry winter. He wrote Jenkins a reference for a full-time chemistry job. He closes by saying that he will be unable to go abroad over the summer as originally planned but would be doing some traveling in the US, including Massachusetts and a first time visit to Hawaii.  View Transcript

Letter from Linus Pauling to N.V. Sidgwick. Page 1. May 1, 1951
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Associated: Robert Corey, Fritz Ephraim, Robert M. Hutchins, Dave Jenkins, Peter Pauling, American Chemical Society, California Institute of Technology, National Academy of Sciences, Ralph W.G. Wyckoff, Lawrence A. Kimpton, Royal Society, King's College (London), American Philosophical Society, University of London, International Congress of Crystallography

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