"Discussion of Foreign Affairs." Page 1. November 2, 1947
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Activity Listings

  • Letter from A. H. Walter, Special Administrator to the American Cancer Society, cc: LP RE: Enclosed three copies of application for grant in cancer research submitted by Dr's Dan Campbell and LP, proposing research in the chemical and physical effects of antigen-antibody reactions on cell surfaces at an estimated total cost of $3,150. [Filed under LP Science: National Research Council, 1925-1950: Box #14.027 Folder #27.4]
  • Letter from Florence Rees Moore (Mrs. J. B. More) to Dr. Harold C. Urey, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Thanks him for sending her The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Expresses her wishes for their success. [Letter from Moore to Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, December 1, 1947] [LP Peace: Box 3.006, Folder 6.1]
  • Letter from H. Marshall Chadwell, Rockefeller Foundation, to LP RE: Replies that he has contacted Miss G. Friedmann, representative of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in New York on behalf of Professor M.D. Kamen. Notes that the Centre is responsible for the conference that Kamen wishes to attend. [Letters from LP to Chadwell November 3, 1947, from Theben to LP November 13, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #197.2, file:(Kamen, Michael)]
  • Letter from LP to Professor John Timm, Simmons College, RE: LP thanks Timm for his suggestions and his interest in the book. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.1]
  • Letter from LP to W.H. Freeman, W.H. Freeman and Co., RE: LP isn't sure of his opinion regarding having Lloyd Malm prepare an alternate edition of the laboratory manual. He can't find an published papers that Malm wrote himself, without a collaborator, and so isn't sure quite what to make of him. LP says that he will rely on Freeman's judgement. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b6.1]
  • Letter from Priscilla Roth, Secretary to the Department of Chemistry at Cal Tech to W. Bradford Shank RE: Says LP has asked her to give his regrets that he will not be able to attend the program on the 13th as he is leaving for England next month and is very busy at this time, and thanks him for the kind invitation. [Card from Shank to LP November 6, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 378.1]
  • Letter from W.H. Freeman, W.H. Freeman and Co., to LP . RE: Freeman has received a comment from Dr. Olsen regarding LP's inconsistent use of OH^2, rather than H^2O, and would like to know which is correct. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b6.1]
  • Memo from W.H. Freeman, W. H. Freeman and Company to LP RE: Writes regarding manuscripts, says Frantz said his is being given to LP for final comment, tells how he has urged Olson to get their material to LP as soon as possible, explains that he is holding the tentative table of contents with Hayward so LP can answer later while in England, and mentions a couple other organic chemistry texts he has heard about. [Filed under LP Correspondence: 439.5]
  • Note from W.H. Freeman, W. H. Freeman and Company to LP RE: Writes that he is editing a manuscript by a well-known scientist, complains of how he has to wallow through pedantic circumlocution and compliments LP on his brevity as he looks back as an editor. [Filed under LP Correspondence: 439.5]
  • Writes cheque to “Mary Brown. Help” $11.50 [LP Biographical: Business and Financial 4.073, folder 73.5, item 2]