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Sir William Lawrence Bragg
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Don Yost

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Don Yost
Don Yost, approx. 1930.
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Don Yost


Papers of Don Yost, 1936-1975
Location: Caltech Institute Archives
Address: Mail Code 015A-74, Pasadena, CA 91125
Size: 8 linear feet, 17 boxes
Phone: 626-395-2704  Fax: 626-793-8756
Email:  Web:



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"I should like to do some work (with Professor Yost) in an attempt to prepare certain compounds of xenon suggested by theoretical arguments. No doubt your xenon is precious; if, however, you could lend us 10 cc or so (of not necessarily pure stuff), we would try to return it to you either as such or in some compound (I hope), and we would be properly grateful."

Linus Pauling. Letter to Fred Allen. September 13, 1932.

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