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Sir William Lawrence Bragg
James Bryant Conant
Roscoe Dickinson
Samuel Goudsmit
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Werner Heisenberg
Walter Heitler
Arthur Lamb
Irving Langmuir
G. N. Lewis
Fritz London
Robert Millikan
Robert Mulliken
A. A. Noyes
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Wolfgang Pauli
Linus Pauling
Erwin Schrödinger
John Slater
Arnold Sommerfeld
J. Holmes Sturdivant
Richard Tolman
Max Theodore Felix von Laue
Don Yost

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Portrait of J. Robert Oppenheimer.
Portrait of J. Robert Oppenheimer. 1931.
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J. Robert Oppenheimer


Papers of J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1921-1980 (bulk 1947-1967)
Location: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division
Address: 101 Independence Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20540
Size: 117.4 linear feet, 74,000 items
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"I doubt that many Nobel Prizes have been so popular with the masses in science.... [A]lmost all are delighted that the Nobel Prize embarrasses the State Department."

Charles Coryell. Letter to J. Robert Oppenheimer, as referenced in Force of Nature, by Tom Hager, p. 451. November 2, 1954.

"Even when being asked questions about some serious matter [Oppenheimer] likes to answer in devious and sybilline fashion; but after a few such excursions his bewildered hearer is astonished to find that the answer as a whole, so far from evading the question, has illuminated it in depth by means of some brilliant, unexpected perception which reveals hitherto unnoticed relationships."

Michel Rouze. Robert Oppenheimer, The Man and His Theories. 1965.

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