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Sir William Lawrence Bragg
James Bryant Conant
Roscoe Dickinson
Samuel Goudsmit
Roger Hayward
Werner Heisenberg
Walter Heitler
Arthur Lamb
Irving Langmuir
G. N. Lewis
Fritz London
Robert Millikan
Robert Mulliken
A. A. Noyes
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Wolfgang Pauli
Linus Pauling
Erwin Schrödinger
John Slater
Arnold Sommerfeld
J. Holmes Sturdivant
Richard Tolman
Max Theodore Felix von Laue
Don Yost

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Portrait of James Bryant Conant.
Portrait of James Bryant Conant. approx. 1940.
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James Bryant Conant


Papers of James Bryant Conant
Location: Harvard University Archives
Address: Pusey Library. Cambridge, MA 02138
Size: 50 cubic ft.
Phone: 617-495-2461  Fax: 617-495-8011
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