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Portrait of G. N. Lewis
Portrait of G. N. Lewis, approx. 1930.
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G. N. Lewis


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"I have just returned from a short vacation for which the only books I took were a half-dozen detective stories and your 'Chemical Bond'. I found yours the most exciting of the lot."

G.N. Lewis. Letter to Linus Pauling. August 25, 1939.

"For five years, beginning in spring 1929, I spent one or two months each year in Berkeley as a visiting lecturer in physics and chemistry. During these extended visits to Berkeley I had the pleasure of talking with [G.N.] Lewis for many hours, in his office, his home, and in his Marin County country place."

Linus Pauling. "Pauling on G.N. Lewis," Chemtech 13 (June 1983): 334-337. 1983.

"I had become interested in the question of the nature of the chemical bond, after having read the 1916 paper on the shared-electron-pair chemical bond by G.N. Lewis and the several 1919 and 1920 papers by Irving Langmuir on this subject."

Linus Pauling. The Chemical Bond: Structure of Dynamics, Ahmed Zewail, ed. 1992.

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