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Magic Lantern Slide Collection, circa 1900-1935

Scope and Content Note

The Magic Lantern Slide Collection consists of several sets of magic lantern slides and one set of glass-mounted 2x2 slides that were likely used for home entertainment or educational purposes. The magic lantern slides are primarily mounted in wood frames; some have descriptive information on the long edge of the frame. Most of the lantern slides are approximately 4x8 inches; some are 13 inches long. Some of the slides may be hand-painted. The condition varies from good to poor.

The collection includes images of artwork; a series of 8 slides titled The Evils of the Drink (Cruikshank); and several movable, animated slides for children. One set of 12 slides are not mounted in wood frames; this set depicts a children's story with inscriptions in French. A handwritten translation into English accompanies the slides. A Set of Twelve Natural History Sliders depicts drawings of wildlife (animals and birds), with 4 images per slide. A set of 10 items from the American Civil War Series includes artists' depictions of General McClellan and Fort Sumter.

The glass-mounted 2x2 slides consist of 59 images, primarily b/w photographs and a few line drawings, titled Visit of Farmers to Middle Tennessee and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. These images depict farms, fields, and agricultural crops.

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