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Dennis Barstow Photographs, 1964-1984

Biographical Note:

Dennis Barstow joined the Oregon State University Department of Oceanography as a research assistant in 1962 and retired from the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences in 1994. Barstow served as a hydrographic technician on several major projects including TENOC (Ten Years of Oceanography), CUEA (Coastal Upwelling Ecosystems Analysis), CODE (Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment), and SuperCODE (a large-scale west coast shelf experiment). He later joined the OSU buoy group, specializing in the calibration of temperature sensors. He frequently went to sea on oceanographic research vessels, especially on OSU's R/V Acona, Yaquina, Cayuse, and Wecoma, as well as vessels operated by other institutions.

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