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Jay William Blair Photographic Collection, 1939-1942

Boxes 1 - 1 (Page: 1 - 38)

P234:01. 1.
East side of Administration Building (Benton Hall) with mature trees.
P234:02. 1.
South side of Administration Building (Benton Hall).
P234:03. 1.
Panoramic view of the Memorial Union and quad.
P234:04-P234:05. 1.
Women's Building.
P234:06. 1.
East side of Waldo Hall showing circular flower bed.
P234:07. 1.
North side of Chemistry Hall (Gilbert Hall) with parked automobiles.
P234:08. 1.
Library (Kidder Hall).
P234:09. 1.
West side of Education Hall.
P234:10. 1.
Weatherford Hall entrance.
P234:11. 1.
Weatherford Hall tower.
P234:12. 1.
Jay Blair? on lawn southwest of Weatherford Hall.
P234:13-P234:16. 1.
Construction and aftermath of Homecoming bonfire near Weatherford Hall.
P234:17. 1.
Lower campus gate.
P234:18. 1.
Lower campus path.
P234:19. 1.
East side of Education Hall.
P234:20. 1.
Campus panoramic view including the Memorial Union and the Forestry Building (Moreland Hall) taken east from Weatherford Hall.
P234:21. 1.
Panoramic view of the Memorial Union taken northeast from Weatherford Hall. b/w print and negative
P234:22. 1.
Panoramic view of Bell Field, Armory (McAlexander Fieldhouse), and Heating Plant taken southeast from Weatherford Hall. two b/w prints and negative
P234:23. 1.
Decorative urn fringed with icicles during the 1941 ice storm.
P234:24-P234:26. 1.
Campus views of tree damage during the 1941 ice storm.
P234:27. 1.
Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house.
P234:28-P234:34. 1.
Military review on intramural fields near tennis courts.
P234:35. 1.
Jay Blair's dorm room?.
P234:36. 1.
Sadie Hawkins dance?.
P234:37. 1.
Two faculty members posed in academic regalia outdoors.
P234:38. 1.
Jay Blair studying.
P234:39-P234:42. 1.
Jay Blair, dog and friend during a country outing in Corvallis?.
P234:43. 1.
Jay Blair in front of a California home?.
P234:44. 1.
Man on a slide.
P234:45. 1.
Jay Blair and friends on a country road near Corvallis?.
P234:46. 1.
Swan swimming on a river.
P234:47. 1.
Deer grazing.
P234:48. 1.
Sheep in pasture.
P234:49-P234:50. 1.
P234:51. 1.
Panoramic view of unidentified town.
P234:52. 1.
P234:53-P234:54. 1.
Mary's River dam.
P234:55. 1.
Unidentified structure -- dam spillway?.