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Pernot Family Photographic Collection, 1870-1940

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P220:01. 1.
Willamette River at Corvallis; paddlewheelers at wharf below mill and warehouses. circa 1900.
P220:02. 1.
Paddlewheelers Three Sisters and Wm. M. Hoag on the Willamette River at Corvallis wharves. circa 1900.
P220:03. 1.
George Coote in OAC greenhouse. circa 1895.

semi-tropical room

P220:04. 1.
Portrait of George Coote. circa 1895.
P220:05. 1.
Edith Coote in OAC greenhouse with geraniums, gloxinias, cinerarias, calceolaria, cyclamen, ferns, and other plants. circa 1895.
P220:06. 1.
Pernot Family -- Eugene, Emile, Lucie, Henry, and Charles. September 1, 1881.
P220:07. 1.
Mrs. Mary A. Coote (grandmother Coote), Mrs. Blower of Newport, and unidentified. August 23, 1913.

from a photopostcard to Mrs. Coote from Aimie Pernot, Newport

P220:08. 1.
Portrait of Mary A. Coote. circa 1920.
P220:09. 1.
Portrait of George Coote. circa 1895.

similar to P 220:4; photo by W. S. Gardner

P220:10. 1.
Portrait of Emile F. Pernot. circa 1880.
P220:11. 1.
Portrait of Emil F. Pernot. circa 1890.
P220:12. 1.
George Coote family home, SW corner of Monroe & 23rd. circa 1900.
P220:13. 1.
OAC greenhouse semi-tropical unit. circa 1895.
P220:14. 1.
Train engine and cars. circa 1890.

copy photograph and original albumen photograph

P220:15. 1.
Flooded house at confluence of Willamette and Mary's Rivers. circa 1885.
P220:16. 1.
Benton County Courthouse. circa 1890.
P220:17. 1.
Corvallis (OAC in distance) from 2nd and Adams Streets. circa 1890.

Photo probably taken from the water tower along 1st Street.

P220:18. 1.
"Sliver Thaw," along Willamette River in Corvallis north of Van Buren Street Bridge site. circa 1890. stereoview image
P220:19-P220:20. 1.
John F. "Jack" Pernot, (Emile Pernot's nephew & 1910 OAC graduate), U. S. Forest Service, next to log structure in Ochoco National Forest. circa 1914.

split pea soup cooking in background

P220:21. 1.
Portrait of Edith Coote. circa 1895.
P220:22. 1.
Portrait of Edith (Coote) Pernot. circa 1895.
P220:23-P220:25. 1.
Portraits of Edith (Coote) Pernot. circa 1900.
P220:26. 1.
Edith (Coote) Pernot in wedding dress ("going away"). circa 1900.
P220:27. 1.
Edith (Coote) Pernot. 1918.

photo appeared in Society section of Oregon Journal

P220:28. 1.
Edith (Coote) Pernot standing in yard with Angel the dog, Portland. circa 1916.
P220:29. 1.
Edith (Coote) Pernot standing outside of Nye Beach (Newport) summer house. circa 1917.
P220:30. 1.
Portrait of Mary Annie (Harvey) Coote (mother of Edith Coote Pernot). circa 1870.
P220:31-P220:32. 1.
Portrait of Mary A. Coote. circa 1915.
P220:33. 1.
Emilie Caroline Pernot (mother of Emile Pernot) in Riverside, age 88. circa 1924.
P220:34-P220:35. 1.
Emilie Caroline Pernot, age 92. circa 1928.
P220:36. 1.
Portland home of Emile Pernot and family from 1910-1925. circa 1910.
P220:37. 1.
Kappa Psi initiation banquet, Portland. circa 1915.

Emile Pernot 5th from left

P220:38. 1.
OAC faculty members. circa 1910.

Emile Pernot is on left in 1st row

P220:39. 1.
Frederick E. Pernot (nephew of Emile Pernot and a 1910 OAC graduate). circa 1940.
P220:40. 1.
Walk in OAC campus. circa 1910. original is a photo postcard
P220:41. 1.
OAC Administration Building (now Benton Hall). circa 1890.