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Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, 1900-1940

Scope and Content Note

The Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides include sixty nine sets of mounted lantern slides, many of which are hand-tinted. One set contains 2"x2" glass mounted color slides. The sets, which pertain to a variety of topics, were made available for loan to schools, churches, and other organizations in Oregon. Most sets include a typescript lecture (indicated on the inventory) which provides a general background on the set's topic as well as information on each slide.

Topics include many related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, such as Oregon Birds, Oregon Industries, Northwest Indians, Old Oregon Trail, Oregon State College and Salmon Industry. Several sets have biblical themes, and others pertain to U.S. history and cultures in Europe.

Most of the slides were commercially produced by companies such as Underwood & Underwood, Keystone View Co., McIntosh Stereopticon Co. (Chicago), and Pilgrim Photoplay Exchange. Some of the Oregon related slides were taken by Oregon photographers such as Gifford & Prentiss, Weister Co., Herman T. Bohlman, William L. Finley, and Lee Moorhouse. H.C. Tibbits took many of the photographs of California and the western United States.

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